Featured on Tumblr

Thank you so much. 
5 days ago, I've featured on tumblr !!  It's very surprised !

                   This illustration's featured. My tumblr's got many followers. Many people press button ask me anythings. They ask me about this map. Is this real map? The answer is this map's from my imagination. :-)  I've more illustrations in this style. It looks like my diary.

Collected tickets from many occasions make me happy.

Add smile (Draw smile) for each other.

Something for life: Foods, Medicine, Water, Home,Clothes,       Goal,Time,..
More illustrations, doodle, planting, handmade, zakka, package, ... 
you can see on my tumblr ! http://orangoing.tumblr.com

Time go fast. March will go. 
A lot of works make me tired but I still try.
Keep Going ! Happy ending month.

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  1. your drawings are adorable indeed, they are so pure and imaginative... Congrats on your feature! xox ♥