[ VOL 2 ] I LOVE POSTCARD exhibition

Date :Saturday, 11th May 2013 - 2nd Jun 2013
Venue : Pipit Zakka Store GALLERY , Taman Connaught KL
Time : 12pm ~ 7pm

You can buy my 5 handmade postcards at Pipit Zakka Store. They ship worldwide! 


Featured on Tumblr

Thank you so much. 
5 days ago, I've featured on tumblr !!  It's very surprised !

                   This illustration's featured. My tumblr's got many followers. Many people press button ask me anythings. They ask me about this map. Is this real map? The answer is this map's from my imagination. :-)  I've more illustrations in this style. It looks like my diary.

Collected tickets from many occasions make me happy.

Add smile (Draw smile) for each other.

Something for life: Foods, Medicine, Water, Home,Clothes,       Goal,Time,..
More illustrations, doodle, planting, handmade, zakka, package, ... 
you can see on my tumblr ! http://orangoing.tumblr.com

Time go fast. March will go. 
A lot of works make me tired but I still try.
Keep Going ! Happy ending month.


First Collect

Hello Wonderful day!

              Do you remember that I sell stickers set at this shop. I'll tell a story about characters in those stickers set through handmade's things. This's a first story of Happy friends in little farm.They've collected seeds from Red oak's salad. Read here for more information of Happy friends in little farm.
Maybe, I'll have to find the name of this farm.

Lucky News !
             I've joined competition of pyjamas' dream illustration, launched by children's publisher in Italy.
Thank you for everyone who voted my illustration. I've featured on Topipittori's blog again.
It's very good news for me. 

Happy Monday!

             Hope you lucky in this week. Cheers!


Vote my illustration

My illustration was featured on Topipittori's blog with pyjamas dream's topic. It's time to vote now. 
My illustration'number is Immagine R. Go to this link and see 20 pictures. Then choose your favourite illustration. After that send E-mail with subject of your fav to pigiamitopi(at)gmail.com before March 17,2013. 

Don't forget to Vote Imagine R !! Haha


Make a Notebook Exhibition


9th-31st March 2013
12pm-7pm Fri-Sun
Pipit Zakka Store

11-2, Jalan Menara Gading 1,
Taman Connaught, 56000
KL Malaysia

Happy Saturday !


Happy moment

          Nowadays, Everything is easy. You can meet connect your friends by social network. Maybe your smartphone can do everything. Read a good book, Shop unique things online or find something new. Can you imagine that what would you do if one day you've not smartphone? You cannot share good photo on Instagram. You cannot tell your feeling today to your friends who're in opposite land. Sure,You'll not happy. I'm too.

          Are you forget that you've your eyes, your ears, your nose, your mouth and your body to remember happy moment? I've a one talent. I use my eyes to remember good views. Then I draw to collect them.

 I'm a camera's girl.

         Someone may not see this. This picture inspire from a backside of one resort nearby a sea. It's small pond that cover with many branches. I'm happy to share you a good moment. 

"Happy Spring"


Wrapping Package

I've heard lucky news that everybody've got my parcels perfectly. If you want another product, please tell your idea. Now,I'm preparing new product. Please follow this blog for early updates !
Let's shopping at http://orangoing.bigcartel.com   

I want to tell a secret.................. 
I'm drawing illustration for Happy Spring.
Hahaha ^-^